Read the Osteoporosis NEJM Review Article:

Osteoporosis Review NEJM

Reach Out to Your Patients: what better to go with geriatrics and falls than osteoporosis screening! This is an important part of preventative medicine. Get on our handy database, see how you’re doing with ordering DEXA scans for your elderly female patients, and reach out to the patients who have not had one.

Document Your Work: Go to Page 5 of the Outreach Goals and Expectations to find a tracker sheet (no patient identifiers, will need to be hard copy for now). Simply give a summary of how many patients you contacted, how you reached them, and the outcome.


Welcome to Outreach. We have created an innovative way for you to assess health indicators for your patients through a panel management program. Each block you will assess how your patients are doing with a particular health indicator (which we have listed below) and improve your performance. You can “reach-out” to your patients via a telephone encounter or a letter. We have provided templates for these encounters which will be placed below and we are working on incorporating them into EPIC.



Panel refers to the patient panel, or the patient population of the individual physician or practice. Panel management is the process of monitoring the patient population for important preventive and chronic care milestones based on guidelines determined by the practice.

The database link is below (will only work on a TUH or TU clinic computer). Login info is the same as Epic.


If you are an intern and the above website does not work please try this website: tsinfdb/pcp_affirm.php

For Windows:

For Mac:

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Osteoporosis Screening

Diabetes Management

Cholesterol Screening

Blood Pressure Control


Instructions for updating your health maintenance tab on epic can be found here.

If you experience any issues accessing the panel management websites please email Dr. Lee and Dr. Weiner.