Common Infections – Dr Moyer

Darilyn Moyer started off our Intern Summer Conference Series with her essential Common Infections lecture.  Here are the highlights:

Below are The Daily Three, the top three points of each lecture:

  1. Pharyngitis DDx:
    • Group A Strep (5-10% in adults–not close to 100%!)
    • Other Bacteria (mycoplasma, C. pneumoniae, GC, anaerobes)
    • Resp viruses (adenovirus, influenza, parainfluenza, rhinovirus, RSV)
    • Other viruses (Coxsackie, Echo, HSV, **EBV**, **HIV**)
  2. Centor Criteria: (determines probability of GAS pharyngitis; if 4 criteria met: then can treat; 3 criteria: throat swab or treat; 2 criteria: no treatment though can test if personal preference; 0-1 criteria: unlikely GAS)
    1. Fever (by history)
    2. Tonsillar exudates
    3. Tender anterior cervical adenopathy
    4. Absence of cough
  3. UTI:
    • Uncomplicated cystitis: dysuria, urinary frequency/urgency; no fever or flank pain; (non-pregnant females only)
    • Complicated: same diagnostic s/s as uncomplicated; (all others: males, any medical illness such as DM, pregnant)
    • Acute Pyelonephritis: cystitis criteria with flank pain and/or fever
    • Females with h/o UTI have relatively high specificity for self-diagnosing UTI–> so you can treat over the phone if uncomplicated!

Check out the lecture powerpoint here! (password: same as the amion password)