Getting Started in Research at Temple

Why do research?

Research activities are an opportunity to expand the armamentarium of medical knowledge and get answers to your clinical questions. While the prospect of doing research during medical training is daunting, it is worth it! Studies have shown that residents who do research are stronger clinically (1), and have higher levels of satisfaction with their training (2).

How do I get started?

1 – Think about your clinical question. Think of a few! Do a literature review to see if it’s already been answered. Just starting this process will help you refine your question and come up with newer, better ones.

2. Find a¬†mentor. Remember, they are busy, so be persistent. Set up a one-on-one meeting with them. Come prepared to the meeting and share your ideas. Below are some points of contact in each department. They are expecting your emails so don’t be shy!

Temple Research Mentors / Points of Contact

Specialty Resident Mentors Faculty Points of Contact
General Internal Medicine Bizath Taqui
Cardiology Joanna Catalano Anjali Vaidya
Endocrinology Cherie Vaz
Gastroenterology Henry Parkman
Hematology/Oncology Koneti Rao (Temple); Efran Dofrat (Fox Chase)
Infectious Diseases Dan Mueller
Nephrology Paris Barkan Iris Lee
Pulmonary/Crit Care Brooke Heyman Erin Narewski
Rheumatology Roberto Caricchio