Resident Resources

IHI Module Schedule

IHI Module Moderators 

Moderator Resources

  • Updated for each block with tools from the IHI to help with moderating the modules including power point slides, worksheets/activities, and additional readings. 

The IHI Open School

  • The IHI Open School catalog of courses includes more than 35 continuing education credits for nurses, physicians, and pharmacists.
  • To receive the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety, you must complete 13 fundamental courses.

IHI Instructions

  • Step 1: Register
    • If you are new to IHI, create an IHI account at this link
    • If you previously created an IHI account using the Temple institutional code you will need to:
      • Click on “Edit My Profile”
      • Change your “Primary Role” to “Resident/Intern” and click “Save”
  • Step 2: Take Courses
    • Now that you are registered for the courses, return directly to your learning using the following link:
    • Bookmark the link for easy access

House Staff Quality Council Meeting

  • Third year residents will attend House Staff Quality Improvement meetings
  • Meetings occur the third Monday of each month from 5 pm – 6 pm in the Polett Board Room  

Temple Hospital Resources

Additional Resources